Saturday, August 19, 2017

It's Been A While!

Hey guys! I hope you're all okay. I am so sorry that I have been absent for all this time. I really started getting into my studies and rotations was a different experience for me as well as handling some personal situations. Now that i'm in my intern year (my last year!!!!)! I hope that I can still help you guys in some ways and maybe even have better advice now that i'm on my last year. I'm probably not going to be writing on this blog anymore so if you have any questions shoot me an email. I'll try my best to respond!

Hope all is well!
Talk to you soon!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Comments found on other sites

Hey guys. I recently received an email about some comments found on various websites about UNIBE (negative and positive). I wrote a comment at the end of each comment. Take into consideration that I'm not trying to promote UNIBE in any way; I'm just writing what I've seen. Maybe in the future some things will change. (When I was applying to UNIBE I saw the same comments and got a little scared but being in UNIBE for 2 years, now I know. Also, this can change depending on the situation.)

"Teachers not showing up to class or coming very late" - Sadly this is true sometimes but it's normal in DR.

"Teachers/admin talking down to students" - this depends on the situation sometimes the students have attitude and I have seen that before. If you have a problem go straight to the highest power.

"Preference being given to students in the Spanish program" - I don't think we have preference (Spanish section). I mean you guys are paying wayy more than us, you guys even have like a whole floor to yourselves - again depends on the situation.

"Students having to "split" semesters in order to have time to prepare for the USMLE" - This is totally up to you, Unibe has nothing to do with this decision.

"Unreasonable class schedules" - Honestly you kind of just have to take what they give you. The professors tell the school their schedules and then they work it out from there.

"Teachers that don't teach well or don't speak English well" - If you think about it, it's rare to find native English med school teachers in the Dominican Repbulic so, I think we should give them a break in that sense.

"Exams that aren't in proper English because they use Google translate instead of having a person translate them" - A lot of times this happens but the teachers take that into consideration and they wont take off points if you get the question wrong because it was their error, at least now. I don't know how it used to be.

"Things being disorganized or difficult like registering for classes" - It's hard when you fail a class and you want to stay like with your class' track.

"Students having to retake premed classes that they have already taken in the US" - Unibe has their own way of considering what classes count as premed. If you haven't taken physics or chem or orgo you need to take it before entering med.

"Students that feel that they can't speak up to administration about anything bad because of possible repercussions" - You CAN speak up. That's not a problem and I haven't heard about repercussions. If you have a problem just go to the highest power.

"Tuition going up every semester" - Tuition goes up 10% every September and we can't change that. (this goes for all careers at unibe)

Good luck.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tuition Goes Up, again!

Hello future doctors! I wanted to remind you guys that tuition goes up annualy. So every September is the month, everyone dreads. When I started here at UNIBE, tuition was RD$68,000 but not about 1 year and a half later it has gone up to RD$84,000. As for the English program, it also has gone up. I don't remember how much it was for when I entered but now it is US$8,500 per semester. (In reality it is US$8,400 but you have to add an extra US$100 for student services.) Also it is a little more than that because they have added a mandatory payment of manuals for classes. -_- All this talk of raising the tuition stinks but this is part of accomplishing your dreams. Save money!!!!!!!

-Other posts about money and tuition costs coming soon

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Embarassing Bodies - Cool youtube channel/show about medical cases and treatments

When I found this channel I literally spent the whole night watching almost all of the episodes. This is very useful to help you identify some diseases and the treatment options there are. This particular episode is about Dupuytren's Contracture. Take a look!

Update! August 19, 2017
Hey guys so apparently they took down the embarasing bodies channel on youtube but you can definitely put it in the search engine and some videos will come up!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Sorry I haven't written in a long time. Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

Steps for application process: 
Send in all the papers on this list and wait to get called for an interview.

How was the application process?
It was a little frustrating for me because getting everything translated and stamped by the apostille takes a lot of time and money. To say the least, getting all your papers together is the hardest part. I know that for people who graduated college already, they need to get recommendation letters and stuff like that. I suggest you guys begin your paper work as soon as possible. Also take into consideration that it takes time to send in all your papers.

My experience so far and recommendations:
Everything is pretty good so far. The first semester is the hardest not because of subjects and work load but, because you're still getting used to the school system, the country, taking care of yourself without mom and dad, etc. Even though I've been here a couple times and my family is from here, I'm still not used to it but it takes time. You'll make good friends and you'll learn how to get around easily. You guys will love the Caribbean life just make sure you remember what you came here to do.
*Hardest semesters:
1 - because you're getting used to everything
5- because of anatomy and embryo
7 - because of neuro and patho
11 - pre interning

▪You guys should really try to get the best GPA you can in your first four semesters. It's not hard to get a 4.0. I say this because usually in the 5th semester people don't do well in anatomy and embryology which is a 12 credit course, and passing with a C can bring down your GPA. So work hard in the beginning so that if you're having a little trouble in future semesters, it won't affect you as much.
▪Also, try to do as much volunteer work and attend different medical conventions during pre-med. It will be a little difficult to do them once you enter med school (5th semester).
▪Join clubs. There's an organization called AMSA, which is the American Medical Student Association. They have great volunteer activities and fun events.  Membership is $75 but last  about 5 years I believe.(  ODEM is another organization that concentrates on public health and other topics that have to do with the helping the Dominican Republic. You pay about $30 annually. ( GEU is el Grupo Ecol√≥gico de Unibe, "Ecology Club". They concentrate on matters affecting the environment by visiting different regions in the country and celebrating importantes days like Earth Day. They recently had a recycling competition between all of the careers in the school which was a success. And last but not least, they take fun trips. Free membership. ( TECHO is an organization outside of Unibe that focuses on volunteer work. You guys should check that out.( ) / You can also make you're own club if you'd like.
▪When you visit different departments during orientation, write down the times they open and close. You'll learn that time is valuable and there is none to waste. I keep a memo of all the important places and their hours so I can make a schedule.

》I wish I could say more but I prefer questions on specific topics so if you want a question answered, write it down below or email me. :)

See you soon!